What is a photo wall?
Photo wall is a group of framed pictures arranged in an order on the wall to make the wall and its surroundings beautiful.
What is Snapita photo wall?
Snapita is the easiest solution to create unique personalized photo walls using expertly crafted frames, supreme quality prints and great DIY(Do It Yourself) tool.
How do I Sign up to Snapita?
To Sign up for Snapita, please go to the following link http://www.snapita.com/register
What is Quick Snapita?
Quick Snapita is a readily available photo wall designs created by our design experts to match different ambience. As name suggests quickly select the design, upload pictures, change frames/medium (optional) and order.
How to launch Quick Snapita?
Login and click Buy Photo wall link from the navigation menu.
Can I change photo dimensions in Quick Snapita?
Can I change wall color in Quick Snapita?
Simply click on the wall color button and choose the color from color pallette.
How to create Snapita photo wall?
You can create Snapita photo walls in 3 easy steps.

1. Enter wall dimension and other details

2. Upload pictures

3. Add sizes, select frames & print medium, arrange photowall and order

Is there a minimum or maximum limit on number of frames per Snapita photo wall?
Yes. Minimum and maximum number of frames per Snapita photo wall is 3 and 20 respectively. However, if you want to decorate different walls, feel free to create another Snapita photo wall. There is no limit on the number of Snapita photo walls you want to create.
What is wall dimension?
Wall dimension is the area of the wall upon which you intend to install Snapita photo walls. You have to measure wall width and height to get a close to real representation.
What is the unit used to measure dimension?
Default unit for wall measurement is foot length.
What is Snapita photo wall area?
Snapita photo wall area is the area covered by the photo frames. This area is a subsection of the wall. Its unit is square feet.
Can I change wall colour?
Yes. You can change wall colour using the colour palette tool.
Can I add door, windows or other elements in the wall?
Yes. You can add doors, windows, clock etc. You can create these elements to get the representation that is closest to the real thing.
How do I upload pictures to snapita photo wall?
You can upload pictures either from your computer, storage device or from social media.
What kind of photos can I use?
To create a good Snapita photo wall, choose high quality photographs. Ideally we encourage you to have a theme behind the selection to make it more meaningful. For more information read our Image Guidelines
What if I don’t have high quality images?
You can opt for a photo session by our professional photographers. However, this service is only available in select areas.
How to select a photo size?
Selecting photo size depends on the dimension of the wall and Snapita photo wall area. If you have small room/premises, try selecting smaller sizes and vice versa.
How many different photo sizes can I choose for a Snapita photo wall?
We have a range of default sizes that you can choose from for a photograph.
What are the photo sizes available?
The photo sizes available are as follows:
5X7 8X8 9X9 10X16
6X6 8X10 10X10
6X8 8X12 10X12

How to select right photo frames?
To make a spectacular Snapita photo wall, you should have a theme for it.

Pictures you upload should blend well with the theme. Choosing right frames depends upon the theme, colour of the wall, the selection of the photographs and the decor of the room etc., which is where our state of art visualization comes into play.

Try and see what you like best.

How many frames are available?
You have a wide variety of frames to choose from, right from Art Deco inspired to Minimalist Modern, we’ve got it all. We keep updating our collection so as to provide you with the latest in-trend pieces. You will definitely love our collection.
Can I use different frames in one Snapita photo wall?
Currently No. But we are working.
How do I arrange frames?
Arranging frames is a piece of cake. Our DIY Tool(Snapita Studio) is highly sophisticated and user friendly and lets you effortlessly control the placement of the frames.
Are there any sample Snapita photo wall designs I can use or take inspiration from?
Yes. If you are having trouble with coming up with an idea, our pool of pre programmed Quick Snapita photo wall templates can help you take inspiration or you can use it as it is.
What is ‘Add Mount’?
Mount is an extra layer which enhances the visual appeal of the framed picture.
What print medium are available?
We provide you with a wide variety of paper and canvas on which you can get your photos printed.
How to choose right media for my pictures?
Different print mediums give different print finishes and output. Find below the print medium you can choose and their features and choose the best one for you.

Epson Premium Luster

Description: Highest colour gamut available for vivid colour reproduction

Features: Delivers highly saturated print, rich colours

Surface finish: Luster “E”

Epson Enhanced Matte

Description: High colour gamut, perfect for images that do not require gloss

Features: Yields highly saturated images while maintaining highlight and shadow detail

Surface finish: Flat Matte

Hahnemuhle Albrecht Durer

Description: Archival print media for digital fine art and photography. Yields brilliant colours and deep blacks.

Features: Acid free to preserve fine art & photos, high durability, Rich black images with exceptional contrast

Surface finish: Textured

Technova Canvas

Description: water-resistant, suitable for full-colour graphics for medium-term indoor applications such as fine art and photographic reproductions

Features: Good water resistance, pure canvas texture for near real art reproduction

Surface finish: White Matte

What print technology is used for printing?
At Snapita, we use Epson 9900 Ink-Jet printers and its associated high quality Epson archival 10+1 color pigment inks, as its output quality is unmatched. It’s also resistant to the harsh blows of time and retains its richness and last for life. These printers use specific inks for specific print surfaces. e.g. Photo Black ink is used for glossy surfaces and matt black ink is used for matt surfaces.
Can I preview the final wall layout/design?
Yes. You can preview the output by clicking on preview option.
Can I save more than one design/layout?
Yes. You can save up to 3 different designs.
Do you enhance images uploaded?
Yes. Our professional editing team will boost up your uploaded images for better and lively output.
Does professional enhancement incur extra cost?
No. It’s free.
What is 'No Nail' concept?
Snapita photo wall frames uses hook and loop fasteners or Velcro which will be included with the shipment.
Can I hang frames on nails?
Yes. Saw tooth will be included with the shipment.
How to cancel the order?
Snapita takes 24 hours to start processing an order. You can cancel the order within this time frame. As this is a personalised product and thus Snapita cannot re-sell the product already processed.
Will cancellation incur any charges?
A standard 5% processing charge will be levied upon the cancellation of the order.
When will I get the refund?
You will get the refund amount within 4-7 working days.
How can I find if Snapita.com delivers to my Pin code?
You can find if Snapita.com delivers to your pin code using the courier serviceability tool while ordering. The PIN codes serviced by us are frequently updated so keep on the lookout; we just might add your area soon.
How long does it take for an order to be delivered to me?
Depending on the size and complexity of Snapita, it usually takes 7-10 working days from the date of placing the order.
How are orders delivered to me?
All orders are dispatched through our courier partners such as Delhivery, BlueDart, DTDC.
Does Snapita.com deliver outside India?
Not currently, but as we expand, we might include international shipping as well, so keep checking.
What are the payment options?
You can pay using secure Net banking, Credit/Debit card and direct bank transfer
What are the shipping charges?
Shipping is free of cost.
How do I check the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order here.--------
How does Snapita ensure safe & damage-free delivery of the ordered frames?
To ensure that you get your frames in impeccable shape, we wrap each frame individually in a protective shell which is then placed inside another sturdy protective shipping box. This way the package reaches you safe and sound no matter how far you are.
What if the product is broken?
If the product is found to be broken, please send it back to us. We will replace it upon investigation.
Where should I send the product?
Please return to this address:


C/o ASJ Portals Pvt. Ltd.,

#23, Tulsi Arcade,

28th Main, Jayanagar 9th Block

Bangalore - 560069

If you have any further questions or looking for clarifications, e-mail us to [email protected]
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