How Snapita Works?

Creating a Snapita is effortless and can be broken down into following steps:
Step 1: Create Wall Enter the dimensions of the wall upon which you wish to install Snapita. This will be your canvas. You can change its colour and add other elements such as doors, windows etc. to get the most accurate visualization.
Step 2: Upload Photos You can upload the photographs from your storage device or simply link it via a Social Network. If you wish to commission a professional photo shoot, we can arrange a photo session as per your discretion.
Step 3: Choose Frames & Media Next you need to select a suitable photo frame and media. You can choose from our wide and sartorial selection of frames. We have handpicked and tastefully curated frames that range from being Art deco inspired or vintage to being very minimalistic modern. Also, choose from worlds best quality Paper & Canvas for more information read our FAQ's or Click Here
Step 4: Design, Preview & Order All you need to do now is place the selected photo frames on our virtual wall. We strive to provide you with the most realistic representation so you can design it as you like. Order and wait at your doorstep.
As simple as that. What are you waiting for?
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