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Bold It Simple Photo Wall [ 2.50ft X 2.50ft ]

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  • <small> <i>Name : Classavoro  <br/> Width : 1.4 inches <br/>Color : Brown, Black With Thin Golden Hem </i></small>
  • <small> <i>Name : Annata  <br/> Width : 1.75 inches <br/>Color : Black </i></small>
  • <small> <i>Name : Nube  <br/> Width : 1.77 inches <br/>Color : White </i></small>
  • <small> <i>Name : Ultimo  <br/> Width : 2 inches <br/>Color : Brown And Black </i></small>
  • <small> <i>Name : Signorile  <br/> Width : 1.7 inches <br/>Color : Brown And Gold </i></small>
  • <small> <i>Name : Relic  <br/> Width : 1.6 inches <br/>Color : Brown And Gold </i></small>
  • <small> <i>Name : Castano  <br/> Width : 0.8 inches <br/>Color : Brown </i></small>
  • <small> <i>Name : Gabbia  <br/> Width : 0.8 inches <br/>Color : White </i></small>
  • <small> <i>Name : Nero  <br/> Width : 0.8 inches <br/>Color : Black </i></small>
  • <small> <i>Name : Bosco  <br/> Width : 0.8 inches <br/>Color : Teak Brown Textured </i></small>
Paper Enhanced Matte Premium Luster Textured Fine Art
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No. of frames                       :   4

Frame sizes                          :   One 10x10, one 9x9, one 6x6, one 5x7

Mount board                       :   Yes for 6x6 and 5x7

Available frame moulds    :   Dimoda, Voga, Nube, Ultimo, Signorile, Relic, Castano, Gabbia, Nero

Available print medium    :   Epson Enhanced Matt, Epson Premium Luster, Hahnemuhle Abrecht Durer 

Ambience                            :   Living room, bedroom, varandah, dining hall, kids room,kitchen, drawing room, pantry, parents room, office room.


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